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Bathroom Renovation and Refurbishment Services

Bathroom Renovation and Refurbishment Services

Bathroom Renovation Contractors to Invigorate Your Space

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom and searching for bathroom renovation services, Albion RA can advise on and install any style, from traditional to classic and contemporary. As bathroom renovation and refurbishment experts, we only want you to consider how great the new look of your bathroom should be. In some cases, a complete bathroom redesign is unnecessary; you only need to make some improvements to invigorate the space. Albion RA is an expert in every aspect of renovation. We can offer you some helpful advice that will cost you the minimum but will transform the space completely. Whether you want help with small-scale bathroom refurbishment or full-scale, complete renovation, we are here to upgrade it through redesigning and installations.

Most people find renovation work stressful and daunting. No doubt it is, but if you have professional help, the job is not scary anymore, and this is what we aim for. Although it may sound simple, a renovation task contains many details, from adding storage space, retiling, and plumbing to many more, and if you think you can handle it all on DIY bases, then it's not the case. You will require professionals to carry out all the tasks for you. We can work with you towards the bathroom design you always wanted.

Steps to Renovate a Bathroom

These include:

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Bathroom Renovation and Refurbishment Services

Bathroom Renovation Costs

One factor that tops your list of concerns is bathroom renovation cost. Our renovation cost depends upon the types of changes you want and whether you want full bathroom refurbishment or wish to merely make some changes to the existing design. It also depends on the type of material you wish to use for the refurbishment. If you want to keep the cost down and, you need to contact the best local bathroom contractors. However, remember that sometimes people choose cheap and low-standard sanitary ware to stay within budget, which is not a good idea. This choice will cost you even more when repair issues arise.

What Albion RA Can Do for You?

  • Changes current bathroom fixtures, accessories, and furniture – your bathtub, washbasin, toilet, shelves, and all other supplemental units.
  • Installation and removal of your bathroom floor and wall tiles.
  • Replacement of plaster and plasterboard.
  • Plumbing and electrical work for bathrooms.
  • Repairs and installation of bathtubs, toilets, washbasins, radiators, and other accessories.
Bathroom Renovation and Refurbishment Services

Turn Your Bathroom Remodeling Dream into Reality

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind while performing a complete bathroom renovation:

Toilets with Hidden Tanks: When we talk about water storage vessels mounted on the wall, it has several benefits, especially when you consider it for smaller bathrooms. It can save a lot of your space, offers a sleek look, and perfectly complements the modern and contemporary designs of the bathrooms. Contact us for the right fixtures and plumbing, which plays an essential role in the fitting of hidden tanks

Space-Saving Vanities: The piece of furniture that takes up most of the space in the bathroom is the vanity; especially if you have a small bathroom, it can make it feel cramped, but you can opt for a floating vanity, with which you will get a suitable storage space, and your bathroom will feel bigger.

Magical Mirrors: When you want to add the illusion of depth, the mirror is the easy way to do it. It reflects light and makes a small bathroom look bigger, brighter, and lighter.

  • If you want to minimalise the bathroom's square look, go for round mirrors, and your bathroom will look more open.
  • A big mirror can make the walls disappear and make the bathroom look larger.

Mirrors are also an aspect that contributes a lot to affordable bathroom renovations.

Bold Color: For tiny bathrooms, bold colours can be a powerful solution, especially for an accent wall. The colour palette participates a lot in changing the aesthetic of the bathroom; imagine vibrant blue colour balanced with simple fixtures and crisp white trim.

Open Shelving and Wall Storage: If you want to avoid cluttering, adding open shelves to your bathroom will be the right choice, especially if it's about getting noticeable results for small bathroom renovations. You can also add floating shelves to place towels and other toiletries.

Shower Space: A bathtub or shower space also greatly contributes to the look of the bathroom. The clear glass shower door can make the bathroom visually deeper. To free up floor space, you can replace a swing-out shower with a shower curtain.

Lighting: The brighter the place, the more inviting it feels. Opt for the light fixtures with opaque shades, as placing them near the mirror or medicine cabinets can add an attractive feel to the bathroom.

You can always contact us for the best bathroom renovation and inspiration; our team will perform its best to provide you with the desired results.

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