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Home Ventilation System

Home Ventilation System

Ventilation systems are undoubtedly an essential part of any building, and having a good ventilation system installed ideally is always recommended. Most people have the problem of condensation as natural ventilation cannot adequately tackle that issue, and correctly installed ventilation systems are the best way to deal with this issue. Albion RA offers an experienced and professional team and engineers for installing, maintaining and cleaning your Home ventilation system. Our team is highly skilled and expert in handling a wide range of House Ventilation.

The most common types of ventilation systems include:

Why is House Ventilation System Important?

When we talk about a healthy environment, the proper ventilation system always plays an essential role;

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Home Ventilation System
  • Uncontrolled Ventilation System

The uncontrolled ventilation system is the permanently active one. You cannot turn it off or on. For most of the existing homes, trickle vents and airbricks have been the solution of this choice. Uncontrolled home ventilation system cost is cheap and complies with Building Regulation Part F but has some caveats.

  • In case of no air, the ventilation will not work, and the home can get over-ventilated if the wind blows hard.
  • Dirt, debris, and vegetation can block the airbricks.
  • You will have to keep internal doors open, so the air can pass through the house to enable cross ventilation.
  • To provide ventilation, you will have to keep Trickle Vents open
Home Ventilation System
  • Controlled Ventilation System

Controlled ventilation systems work because the active fans create positive or negative pressure in the home. Carefully designed ductwork is used for this system to work correctly. The two independent ducted airflows in the controlled ventilation system have their fans.

  • Extract Fan: humid and stale air from the wet rooms is extracted by the fans, and this stale air is then passed through the heat exchange matrix, where heat is recovered before discharging the air from the house.
  • Second Fan: Through this fan, the fresh air is drawn from outside into the house and filtered to eliminate airborne allergens and pollution. This air is then passed through a heat exchange matrix where it gets warm and then is given to the living areas and bedrooms.

Albion RA, a professional with years of experience in this industry, can help you install this system perfectly. House Ventilation is necessary, and we understand that, so if you want help with the ventilation systems, call us now and get the right advice and professional services.

If fitting a network of ducts is not feasible for your place, as sometimes it is challenging to fit the ducts due to the space during renovation, you can use a central ventilation system. This system has two main types.

The system designs are complex and critical with both systems to ensure airflow and avoid any blank spots in the house.

Instead of using active fans to move air, passive ventilation options rely upon the prevailing wind and natural buoyancy to offer better air movement than trickle vents and airbricks.

Why Choose Albion RA?

As much as ventilation is essential, the correct installation and keeping it maintained and clean is also necessary. Dealing with complex Ventilation designs and the system is not easy, and you will surely need the help of a professional. We can not only guide you regarding the best choice of suitable ventilation system for your place but can also offer timely, reliable, and quality services for installation.

Albion RA has been working in this industry for years. Our experience and encounters with different ventilation problems allow us to deal with all types of situations regarding the ventilation system. We offer you the right team who can handle this work this best. You can relax and get peace of mind as we work closely with our customers by keeping every step clear and transparent. If you are searching for a company to help you with installation, maintenance and House Ventilation cleaning, your search has brought you to the right place. Contact us now and get the most trustworthy services for your ventilation system.

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