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Electric Boiler Installation

Electric Boiler Installation & Repair

A boiler that runs on electricity rather than combustible fossil fuel, such as gas or oil, is called an electric boiler. It is an appliance used to heat your home.

Running water is forced through an element heated by electricity in electric boilers to produce heat. Electric Boilers' heating components are made with a focus on the surface area. Electric Boiler Heating System uses hot water to warm your house to the proper temperature after it has been heated.

Albion RA has been offering the best electric boiler installation and repair service if you consider switching to an electric boiler.

Commercial Boiler Installation and Service

Choosing the appropriate size for your home or business is no longer difficult because we are here to help you. Our engineers are skilled in selecting the proper size and type of boiler to suit your business needs and requirements.

On the other hand, when your commercial electric boiler malfunctions, our engineers can offer a prompt and efficient repair service. If you require electric boiler repair, address the potential issue; our staff can get to you promptly and get your boiler back in operation.

Professionally Assessing Your Boiler Problems

Before anything else, it's critical to determine the extent of the boiler issue. We suggest you contact us in the first instance and describe the problem you're experiencing.

We will let you know if the issue can be resolved by a straightforward task you can complete on your own.

Our top-notch services can typically identify the boiler repair problem and attempt to resolve it effectively.

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Electric Boiler Installation

Efficient Electric Boiler Maintenance

You should have your boiler serviced at least once a year to keep your company in compliance with health and safety laws. This can also help you identify any possible issues and problems before they cause disruptions.

Benefits of maintaining an electric boiler include:

  • Avoiding boiler failure
  • Lower energy costs
  • Increased longevity of your boiler
  • A setting that is effective and secure for work

Electric Boiler Servicing Includes:

  • Boiler inspection and cleaning,
  • Safety device testing and boiler inspection.
  • Approving the boiler and issuing a certification
Electric Boiler Installation

Common Electrical Boiler Problems

Nothing is more annoying or unpleasant than a faulty electric boiler heating system, especially in the winter when the idea of waking up to a chilly house is not at all enticing.

Since it can be challenging to identify the early indications of heating issues, our engineers at Albion RA have put up a list of common electric boiler issues to help inform and prepare our clients:

  • Faulty Thermostat

Do you notice that your boiler doesn't respond when you change the thermostat's settings? Does your circuit breaker trip and refuse to restart? These electric boiler issues suggest that hiring a qualified engineer would be ideal.

You risk electrocution if you interfere with your thermostat, especially if any exposed wires. Therefore, hire our engineers to prevent any risk of danger.

  • Strange and Unusual Noises

One of the most frequent issues with electric boilers that many people encounter is strange noises. Your electric water heater may make kettling, banging, or hissing noises for various reasons, including water/low-pressure changes. Keep a close eye on the sounds, and if you have any concerns, ask our professionals to take a closer look.

Rewarding Benefits of Electric Boilers

How Much Does an Electric Boiler Cost to Run?

Electric boiler operating and electric boiler installation costs differ from home to home. Various external elements, including the amount of insulation, the windows, the cost of power, the comfort levels, and many other considerations, cause this.

The current price of electricity is higher. However, electric boilers are more effective than gas ones, so for each unit of fuel you purchase, you will get more actual heat.

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