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Carbon neutral builders in Kent

Carbon neutral builders in Kent

Did you know that industrial processes like construction contribute to around 20% of all CO2 emissions related to fossil fuels?

At Albion Ra, we like to do things slightly differently. At the forefront of our operations is our passion for sustainability and working towards being entirely carbon neutral in all that we do.

We don’t believe that construction work and being environmentally-conscious should be mutually exclusive and that’s why we constantly evaluate our processes, supply chain, materials and transport to ensure that we’re always playing our part in helping to create a greener future.

We choose to do this because we believe it’s the right way to do things. When considering the history of construction, natural resources have been used for millennia. The difference between now and then is the scope and volume. Far more trees are being cut down for timber than are being planted. Deforestaion not only creates a problem to ecosystems as a result of, but also has a wider impact on the environment as carbon reserves are depleted with the removal of every tree.

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What does it mean to be Carbon Neutral?

Sometimes, the world of sustainability can be unnecessarily confusing and this may be what prevents some individuals and companies from really looking into how they can transform their lifestyles and businesses.

Simply put, carbon neutrality is the act of balancing out carbon emitted with carbon absorbed. When we say “carbon”, we mean carbon dioxide, specifically. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted whenever fossil fuels are burnt. This includes natural gases, petrol, coal and oil. High emissions of CO2 across the world damage the environment as they become trapped in the atmosphere and warm the planet. Global warming causes floods, droughts, extreme storms, rising sea levels, a huge reduction in global biodiversity and has many other catastrophic implications.

What can be done about this?

So how can we balance this out? There are several ways that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be reduced and one of the easiest is simply to plant more trees and reduce how many are cut down. Trees are nature’s answer to keeping our planet hospitable when it comes to carbon dioxide regulation. They naturally remove and store CO2 deposits from the air during their process of photosynthesis.

“How much do they help?”, you may ask, well, according to recent findings from the Woodland Trust “400+ tonnes of carbon per hectare” can be absorbed by a young wood with mixed native species” -- so, a LOT!. Trees can lock up carbon dioxide for centuries and so can the soil they’re planted in. Old forests are known as “carbon sinks” as they absorb so much carbon dioxide. They also reduce pollution and city temperatures, act as a physical barrier for floods and, let’s be honest, make an area 100x nicer to live in.

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How you can make your home more eco-friendly?

As well as all of the renowned services we currently offer, we’re also looking to expand into offering some “green” home improvement services and alterations.

Soon we will be providing ground-source and air-source heat pump installations as well as solar panels to help our clients harness the power of renewable energy -- a great way to combat the exponentially rising cost of gas and electricity and do your bit for the planet at the same time.

Check back on this page regularly to see the milestones we have reached on our carbon neutral journey and the new products and services you can take advantage of.

What makes us sustainable builders in Kent?

We’ve highlighted the benefits of planting trees, because that’s exactly what we do. With each project built, we donate a portion to the planting of new trees -- balancing out the emissions created with those that can be absorbed by the new trees planted.

We’re also looking to cut down the use of materials that are manufactured unsustainably -- things such as plywood; unless absolutely essential, we opt for recycled chipboard instead. Chipboard is as equally durable and strong as ply but is recycled from existing wood rather than being the product of yet more deforestation.

Our carbon neutral ambitions will continue to grow as we seek out innovative new ways to deliver the exact same high-quality services and materials, just without the damaging impact on the planet.

We invite all of our clients to join us on this journey and encourage them to make the same environmentally-conscious decisions when it comes to choosing kinder alternatives. We can work with you on your loft conversions, extensions, refurbishments as well as kitchen and bathrooms to suggest different materials that deliver everything you would expect from traditional ones but help us both reduce our carbon footprint.

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