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Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation Services

The kitchen is the essence of any home. Being the busiest of all places, it also serves the multi-purpose role of being the focal point of cooking, eating, and even family discussions. It, therefore, deserves special treatment and care and should be given due consideration every once in a while, to get picked for new refurbishment and renovation ideas. The result would likely entail more cooking, lifestyle changes, a sense of calm and peace, and even deeper conversations and laughter.

Here are the tops reasons to consider kitchen renovation:

Albion RA – How We May Help You

As the kitchen renovation company in Kent, we deliver an exhaustive range of kitchen renovation services across the region. With our workforce equipped with all technicians you will need, ranging from kitchen designers and qualified joiners to plumbers and electricians, we house a one-stop hub that eliminates the hassle of hiring different technicians for several services and carry the potential to make your project a huge success. 

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Kitchen Renovation

Hurdles That Kitchen Renovation Might Bring

Kitchen renovation can be a stress when you are designing, building, and accounting for so many aspects: You consider kitchen cabinet renovation, kitchen worktop refurbishment, and other kitchen units, work surfaces, and appliances, not least the services that go alongside, such as plumbing, electrics, and lighting. 

And yet it is not only about adding stuff to your kitchen; safely removing the contents that occupied the space earlier also requires serious thought. You also mull over the style and design you need in your new kitchen, whether it should be trendy or classical. 

The final step is to hire a reliable team of experts that not only provide the services you need but also do their utmost to deliver the best. Another challenge is bringing in a workforce comprising plumbers, electricians, and joiners, along with the kitchen fitting and design team. The burden of sourcing and hiring plumbers, electricians and joiners separately, adds to the already-present strain on your shoulders.

As kitchen renovation contractors, we guarantee an optimal solution to all your problems. From effective designs and styles to comprehensive plumbing and electrical installation services, we have them all at one place. You may be pleased to find not only affordable kitchen renovations with us but also one of the best kitchen renovations available in Kent. 

Kitchen Renovation

Types of Kitchen Renovations

Albion Ra offers three kinds of renovations:

  • Cosmetic
  • Remove and Re-install
  • Custom
  • Cosmetic Renovation

If you simply want some of your easily-removable items replaced, such as a new countertop, tiled backsplash, appliances, hardware on your cabinets or drawers, or coat of paint, you may want to consider cosmetic renovation with us. It is the easier method to go for if you are planning to sell your property, move to a new place, or want to refresh the look of your kitchen but do not intend to spend a lot of money. 

Remove and re-install renovation involves removing some items from the kitchen and installing the new ones precisely in that space. The process, therefore, doesn’t impact the layout of your kitchen and only re-installs fixtures and fittings that need a replacement; in effect, the cabinets, hardware, sink, fridge, flooring, etc., are changed.

For custom renovation, the designs, styles, and imagination know no bounds. You have the opportunity to bring to life the kitchen you have long dreamed of and desired. Whether you wish to create more space in your kitchen, bring in new space, give the place a completely different layout, or experience a change in lifestyle, contact us to discuss your project. 

Your custom renovation might involve opening up or moving walls, and this would require a discussion with an Architect to know about the technicalities involved; get the proper drawings done and elicit a permit. 

Kitchen Renovation Cost

If you are hesitating to think about, let alone discuss, your kitchen renovation plan, you might not be alone. But keeping in mind the radically changing world and lifestyle, you may want to at least consider giving it a go and get all your queries addressed with us. Our kitchen renovation price is affordable. But we wish to add some factors that influence the kitchen refurbishment cost: the size of your kitchen; the amount of lighting, appliances, flooring, and painting; whether the walls are coming down; and the extent of changing layout.

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