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Landscaping Services

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We deliver comprehensive construction solutions for residential and commercial settings through a team with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We design and erect bespoke buildings, refurbish properties, and make conversions, providing end-to-end, long-lasting services to our clients in Kent and its vicinity.

Our services span kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms, home extensions, new builds, loft conversions, house conversions, and landscaping.

Get access to our design team, supplier catalogue, and artisans to gain valuable insights into your project; receive expert advice, specialist products, and a robust skillset for your project. We also offer a no-obligation free quote to brief you on your plan and communicate the associated costs.

We Lead in Landscaping Services

You must be wondering what to expect when you call us to work in your garden. Just so you know, we are creative garden designers with a passionate team that works to provide practical yet engaging spaces, from small courtyards to huge country gardens.

Our business has grown to a stage where we have emerged as leading contractors in Kent and surrounding areas. From complete makeovers to landscaping maintenance and clearance, we work together to create functional, stylish spaces that are practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Our landscaping contractors, lighting experts, and nursery specialists work together to make the garden of your dreams. We rigorously follow government guidelines and ensure safe, environmentally friendly solutions for the design and build process.

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Why Landscaping?

While many landscaping benefits are pretty obvious, we drill deeper into some additional benefits that landscaping has to offer:

  • Offers Relaxation: The picturesque views from the landscape serve as a treat to the eyes, offering substantial relaxation to the mind, body, and soul.
  • Creates a Positive Impression: From plain visitors and clients to potential investors, a pristine, well-maintained property leaves a profound impact on those getting to witness your premises and might work to your advantage in the future.
  • Boosts Safety: Keeping the site clean and clear reduces the odds of suffering from accidents, tripping, or injuries.
  • Raises Employee Morale: The workplace environment fundamentally impacts employee satisfaction and well-being. Incorporating natural elements into your business setting boosts calmness and contentment, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Elevates Your Property’s Value: A neat, well-kept land significantly contributes to the increase in the market value of your business or residential property.
  • Facilitates Flora and Fauna: Adding a variety of plants and greenery to your gardens welcomes pollinators and nurtures wildlife, including aquatic life, in the case of waterscapes.

We Aim for a ‘Balanced’ Landscaping Construction

Whether it is the garden landscaping or backyard landscaping that you seek, it is imperative to have attained years of comprehensive, arduous training and experience to embark on the journey of crafting balanced landscapes that involve aesthetics, environmental health, and functionality in equal measures.

The Landscape Features a Number of Interconnected Elements:

  • Greenscape:

Greenscapes constitute grassy hills, slopes and expanses of land occupied by tree-lined pavements, plantations, or orchards. We meticulously select quality flowers, herbs, and seeds to incorporate a fascinating blend of wildflowers and a well-kept garden plot. We focus on the quality that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to render an idyllic view for the onlooker. Also known as the softscape, greenscape is the essence of landscaping, forming the basis for the remaining elements.

  • Hardscape:

In contrast to a softscape, hardscape offers easy access for pedestrians to walk around the garden, sets up garden boundaries, divides zones, gives weather protection, and facilitates drainage systems. Pebble walks, retaining walls, patios and decks, wooden seats, pergolas and gazebos – all make up the hardscape.

Waterscape stimulates harmony between greenscape and hardscape elements. It adds to outdoor space's elegance, serenity, and relaxed atmosphere through light reflections, movements of natural elements, and aquatic life. The features include cascading, birdbath, and LED fountains, along with water reeds for dividing zones.

Lines exist both in softscape and hardscape. It is a fundamental element in landscaping, creating a sense of direction and movement. Your landscape plan will begin with the drawing of lines. A visitor’s eye automatically follows the landscape lines, which might be the outline, edge, curve, straight, horizontal, or vertical. Lines also create geometric shapes, and along with colour, texture, and form, they make up four cardinal landscaping design elements.

Whether you want design and planting, seeding and turfing, commercial or residential maintenance, or simple consultancy service, reach out to discuss the task and enjoy hassle-free, affordable landscaping service from our end. Our landscaping prices would largely depend on the size of your project, the technicalities included, and the time required for its accomplishment.

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