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House Extension Kent

House Extensions Kent

The world keeps getting compact, and houses are no exception. A primary reason why residential properties of today are much smaller than before is the ever-increasing cost of land. With inflation on the rise and available land becoming rare, property prices are expected to increase exponentially in the coming years. This could be challenging for those who have a growing family and need some extra space. Luckily, our house extension plans are here to rescue you. Our expert construction team has carried out numerous house extensions in Kent and elsewhere in the United Kingdom. Guided by our qualified engineers and architects, our workforce comprises people from all trades, including carpenters, electricians, tilers, builders, and many more. So, if you are planning to carry out a house extension Kent, get in touch with us today.

What Are Your Choices?

The main aim of house extensions is to add space to your home without stepping out of your existing area. The purpose is to make use of already available space within your boundaries, which is otherwise being wasted. The most common type of house extensions include:

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House Extension Kent

Rear House Extension

Rear extensions are ideal for creating extra space at the rear of your house. This is for those who want to create a larger dining area, kitchen, or open plan area. Rear extensions can be carried out in period properties, detached/semi-detached, and terraced houses. They enhance your outdoor-indoor integration and enable you to use your garden space. They are the simplest to carry out, have the lowest cost, and take the least amount of time to build. They do not require planning permission. Hire our extension specialists to carry out a bespoke and highly affordable home extension in Kent.

Side Return Extensions

Houses with side alleyways can benefit from side return extensions. Side alleys are usually wasted and often a spot for waste dumping. They are a feature of period properties such as Victorian terraced houses. The entire alleyway space can be transformed into an open-plan kitchen and dining area. You can add roof glazing to bring in natural light and transform your dark room into a brightly lit area. Just like rear extensions, they are not complicated, they cost much less than other extensions, and they do not require planning permission.

House Extension Kent

Wrap Around Extensions

A combination of side and rear extension, wrapping around your entire home with considerable space. These extensions not only create substantial space but also increase the estate value of your property. They can transform ordinary homes into highly aesthetic ones. Wrap-around extensions provide incredible integration of your outdoor and indoor space. They do not waste your garden space while providing you with a much larger living space which you can use in several ways. They may or may not require planning permission. Our house extension Kent team can help you plan your entire wrap-around extension and provide you with all the required services, including designing, construction, installation of utilities, flooring, and finishing.

Single/Multiple Storey Extensions

Imagine creating an entirely new floor which you can use for building several rooms, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and even a gym. If this is what you are looking for, then single-store extensions are the best choice. Imagine doubling that space by adding another floor on top of the first one. The options that single or multiple-storey extensions provide you when it comes to creating new rooms are unrivalled. Single or multiple house extension cost in Kent will, however be more than all other types of extensions. They also require planning permission in most cases. We are known for carrying out single and multiple-storey extensions. We have completed numerous projects to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

No Stress of Planning Permission or Building Regulations

Our experienced architects and engineers will prepare the extension plan and drawings for the type you require. They will make sure to take full advantage of your permitted development rights, but even if you require planning permission, our expert staff will take care of it. Please remember that every type of house extension requires building regulations approval. This process is more extensive and complicated than planning permission. Our team will not only communicate with the concerned department but also keep them updated whenever a major task or milestone has been reached. We will make sure that all concerned regulations are complied with.

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