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House Renovation Sidcup

House Renovation Sidcup

Home refurbishment in Sidcup involves numerous steps and activities. Starting from a perfect plan, collecting together a skilled team, procurement of necessary supplies, and flawless execution. This is what we do at Albion RA. Our home renovations company in Sidcup doesn’t cover just one or two aspects of House Renovations in Sidcup. Instead, we provide comprehensive services, which include:

From removing kitchen and bathroom tiles to the installation of new ones, from repairing walls & windows to repainting, our in-house team can provide you with all the necessary services which are required for bespoke renovation.

No Job is Big or Small for Us

Full-scale renovations are highly complicated as they involve extensive services. However, we are aware that not everyone can afford a full renovation project in one go. Therefore, we also provide partial renovations. For instance, during the same year, you may renovate your kitchen and one of your bathrooms just to keep it affordable. We are here for you and offer you our services the way you find them comfortable. Rest assured, partial renovations are dealt with with the same seriousness as full-scale ones. Our home renovation services in Sidcup have highly competitive rates, and we will do our best to fit your budget.

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House Renovation Sidcup

What to Expect from a Comprehensive House Refurbishment?

Comprehensive refurbishments or renovations are typically carried out if:

  • You have not carried out any repairs or maintenance for years, and your house needs a new life.
  • You want to sell your home and fetch a good price for it.
  • The house has remained vacant for a long period of time.
  • You want to transform your home into something more modern.

Depending on your reasons for carrying out a renovation, you can expect a comprehensive renovation to include repairs or replacements, which would cover almost every room.

Bespoke Kitchens

A kitchen is one of the most commonly used sections of your home. It is also one of those sections which end up casting a lasting impression on people. Apart from these facts, it is also one of those rooms with various types of installations and accessories, probably more than any other room. It needs an uninterrupted and safe supply of gas and water. It requires highly effective drainage and sewerage systems. It must have a safe electrical network, and it houses countless appliances. You also have to focus on its aesthetic side by choosing the right tiles, kitchen counters, and splashbacks. Hiring our house renovation Sidcup services will take the stress out of kitchen renovation, as we take it upon ourselves to provide you with the best services and the best supplies.

House Renovation Sidcup

Exotic Bathrooms

Second to the complexity of a kitchen are your bathrooms. Not only do they require hot and cold water, electricity, drainage, sanitary ware, taps, showers, and other accessories but they also need to look exquisite. Just like your kitchen, they have an effect on family, friends and guests. They also contribute to your estate value. Bathroom renovations typically involve the replacement of floor & wall tiles, taps, sinks, bathtubs, etc. Our interior designers will help you design the perfect layout for your bathrooms, while our professional plumbers and fitters will ensure that your bathroom plan is followed meticulously.

Complete Renovation of Your Bedrooms

Whether it is your master bedroom or the one belonging to your children, beautiful bedrooms are what everyone wants. From selecting the right flooring to the right colour theme, we will help you every step of the way. Moreover, the walls will be replastered and repainted, and electrical installations will be repaired/replaced.

Exterior Renovation

The exterior of any house says a lot about it. Well-kept and properly managed exteriors will always attract guests as well as buyers. Over time the exterior quality of your home may deteriorate and may require house refurbishment Sidcup. These renovations may include roofing repairs, repair of your exterior walls, repainting, landscaping, window repairs, etc.

Do You Need to Worry About Planning Permission and Building Regulations?

The answer is “No”. Home renovations do not typically require planning permission. However, building approval may be required. With us as your hired home renovation company in Sidcup, you do not have to worry about either. It will be entirely our responsibility to make sure that the required approval is provided in time. Through our experience, we have gained considerable knowledge regarding building regulations and will regularly communicate with the concerned authorities to make sure there are no troubles.

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